Life Members

The following List details the names, their Life Member number and the year the Life Membership was awarded.

NameNumberYear Awarded 
Pauli Taumoepeau282021
Mark Bernays272021
Gary Carmichael262021
Meaghan Peacock252021
Richard Rice242018
Ross Bernays232017
Anthony Scoon222014
Richard Ekholm212014
Mick Bradley202013
Mick Waudby192011
Robbie Cameron182011
Justin Baratta172009
Mike Heal162008
Kerry Smart152006
Ross Williamson142006
Richard Sheehan132004
Paul Byers122004
Bruce Smart111998
Laurie Yeomans101996
Graham Williamson91995
Keith Bennett81993
Rod Dunn71992
Jim Yeomans61970
Paul Bennett5Year Not Known
Laurie McMartin4Year Not Known
Ivan Jackson3Year Not Known
Noel Eccleston2Year Not Known
Dick Adams1Year Not Known
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