Minis Round 1 & 2 Times

A Message from Drew Chaney, SDJRU Minis Co-Ordinator

Minis games are played to a modified version of the Australian Rugby Union Pathway.The ARU believe that younger rugby union players should be introduced to the game gradually through its pathway program.The Rugby Union pathway is based on research conducted into children in sport and development. It was concluded that modified pathways offer great opportunities for children to develop confidence in sporting performances.

Children as young as 4 + half / 5 greatly enjoy rugby through non-contact versions of the game.Pathway Rugby should be free flowing with the purpose of developing the skills of running, balance, ball handling and contact.

The Pathway as played by the Southern Districts Junior Rugby Union comprises:

Under 6 and 7 Rugby

Players compete in a non-contact “tag” based game that focuses on ball handling and running skills (and FUN).

This 8-a-side game combines basic skills with Rugby Union concepts in a fun environment, suitable for both male and female players.

U6’s play 10 minute halves (or close thereabouts). The allocated 15 minute widow of play takes into consideration breaks in play / half time etc.

U7’s play 15 minute halves with a break.

Under 8 + 9 Mini Rugby

Under 8 + 9 players are introduced to a more technical approach to the game, with tackling and line-outs and an increase in the number of players to 10 per side.U8+U9’S play 20 minutes each half with a break.


All players are encouraged to shake hands before and after the game. All spectators and parents are to abide by our code of conduct.

3 cheers for the opposition and 3 cheers for the referees after the game.

RESPECT the game, Respect the Ref!

Have fun and let’s not be over competitive: 

Drew Chaney

24 March 2016.

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