Oatley Rugby needs you to talk

Hey everyone at Oatley Rugby. We have a giant year planned for this year and we would appreciate all your help. We are looking for sponsorship for the club, so we need people/ businesses who are interested. We are the largest sub district rugby club in the Southern Sydney area having a total network of around 500 people with a reach of over 5000 members. 

As this is our 60th year we are creating new jerseys for the occasion and we would love some more people to sponsor the club.  We need you to talk to people, talk to businesses or friends. The Australian Government does have rules in place so that sponsorship is tax free. For more information use the website here https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/income-and-deductions/deductions-you-can-claim/gifts-and-donations/ 

We can also arrange for things like business cards to be handed out, a banner at the home ground. Exposure by website and Facebook or even the idea of feeling good supporting a club that has created Wallabies and with more support can easily make more.

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